Monday, March 21, 2011

Seoul Marathon Results

The Seoul Marathon was held yesterday (Sunday - 20 March 2011). Amazingly it was on Astro today (Monday) at 3.30 p.m. It was 3 degrees C and raining.

Six of our car park running buddies took part. This time nobody got PBs, unlike at Hong Kong when all of them got PBs. It was really cold.

  1. IM Ong Boon Hin (3:55) going for Samui Tri
  2. IM Hoo Ching Cheong (4:12) going for Samui Tri
  3. Lawrence Law (4:15)
  4. Cheok (4:35) going for Samui Tri
  5. Ng Choi Ling (4:37)
  6. IM Hoo Ching Tai (4:48)

The accurate start list for the Samui Triathlon is so poor. Only four names for the Duathlon!!!

26 names for the Triathlon (including the Pros). Doesn't anyone want the THB 800, 000 first prize??


K3vski said...

Hmm maybe I should have gone for Koh Samui instead...

sofiantriathlete said...

can still register
marriage not so important ha ha

(hope everything OK with you and Li-Ann)