Monday, February 21, 2011

Phew - MY HERO

I would have to say our National Track cyclist (Azizul), is my national sporting hero. See the splinter that's pierced his calf, it won't happen in badminton or squash.

I have never met him in real life, the National Cycling coach speaks volumes of this guy as an athlete and as a person too. The way he squeezed through two cyclists (Commonwealth Games at Delhi) at breakneck speed is firmly etched in my memory.

Other Heroes - my running buddies at the Hong Kong Marathon.

I jokingly tell them, "not to return unless they get a PB". Well that's what all of them got:

  1. Hoo Ching Cheong. 4hr 7min. PB
  2. Ong Boon Hin (at 53 years old). 3hr 48m. PB
  3. Hoo Ching Tai. 3hr 56 mins. PB
  4. Lawrence Lau. 4 hr 13 mins. PB
  5. Doc Pui San. sub 5 hr. PB
  6. Nik Rahai Kosai. sub 5 hrs. PB

They said the temp. was 13 C, cloudy, good aid stations etc. Well done.

Heroes going for the Cairns Challenge (IM distance):

  1. Randy Tan
  2. K. K. Lee
  3. Carmen
  4. Leslie
  5. Ong Siok Bee

We wish them the best (5 June 2011)

Heroes going for IM China (29 May 2011):

  1. Richard Tang
  2. Ong Boon Hin
  3. Hoo Ching Cheong
  4. Jason Thiang
  5. Allan Lee
  6. Yee Sze Mun
  7. Simon Cross
  8. Jap Sam (as guide for the blind Japanese IM). Looks like Jap Sam is definitely going to heaven.

And, Sam Pritchard is doing IM New Zealand (first week March 2011)

My Sunday Run (20 Feb 2011):

First usual 20km was a PB (1 hr 55min) by a whopping two or three mins. I couldn't keep it up for the subsequent 10.8km double hill. Total time was 3hr 11 min, one min off my PB for the 31km route.

Have a nice day.Italic


K3vski said...

Hehe what about hero Sofian? What would he be doing? Hehe.

sofiantriathlete said...

he he. Hero Sofian is useless as usual. He thinks Triathlon is eat, sleep and eat again.

Sofian is doing Bareno (12 March), Kenyir Tri, Koh Samui, SCKLM (half), Gold Coast Marathon, PD Tri & IMWA.

I think u had a good weekend of training with LiAnn in Melbourne. Keep it up Kevin.

Simon said...

I couldn't agree more with regards to Azizul. This picture was on the front page yesterday and deservedly so. What an amazing guy to get up and finish the race.

I'm sure I would have passed out as soon as I looked at it.

Picture of the year but more importantly HERO of the year I reckon.

jonie said...

Azizul is amazin!! the picture is scary in itself already, I can't imagine how it must have felt... Sofian... all the best ya!! you can do another PB!!

sofiantriathlete said...


This is not the first time you have lavished praise on Azizul. Thank you for your support of a local cyclist.

I think "we in the know", sort of know this guy is something special. He is Malaysia's "great white hope" for its first ever (I think) Olympic Gold Medal. Its just that it has to be at the expense of Sir Chris Hoy, the local Hero for the London Olympics.

I wonder how Simon would feel should Azizul pip Sir Chris Hoy? Simon would probably be alright about it, right?

sofiantriathlete said...

Hey Jonie,

I'm happy you dropped by. Don't worry, I intend to get another PB at IMWA this year. Its not that we have to "train hard" to do well. Its the simple things we need to do right i.e. eat right, wake up early on the dot, train regularly, avoid injuries then the PB is there.

All the best to you Jonie. We will cheer everyone, near and far to get their PB.


Dancing Ciken said...

sir, it showed his athletic side and i'm proud of him. hope he'll get back on the saddle soon

good job on your running!

sofiantriathlete said...


Yes, we are all very proud of him. I feel like going to Melbourne to see if I can help him. ha ha