Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winding Down

Gosh we did three Ironman races in 2010, plus the Perth City to Surf Marathon. Especially with the PB at IMWA, it was an outstanding year.

For many months, we slept at 8 p.m. (to 9 p.m.) and woke up at 3.45 a.m., without fail actually. Training was all around the apartment (swim, bike trainer and run in the car park round and round) in the still of the morning.

Its nice when one's target race is at the end of the year (as the whole year we have a focus). Its also nice when that race is done, though we are still waking up at 3.45 a.m. as we seem to have put on weight again.

We developed some very strong friendships because of the races. Now, its time for socialising:-


What a fantastic high feeling at the finish. My regular running buddies Hoo CC and Lee Woon Khow (a big thank you gentlemen) Jamil Mat Esa, we used to slug it out in the nineties

Tip was a volunteer for her first time ever, she loved it.
Richard Tang, well we have become very close friends
The organiser Don Khor. We have been buddies since the first PD Tri in 1989. He was sincerely happy I came to his event
The podium finishers in my category (I was useless again, hee hee)


It was supposed to be my treat, but AJ out tackled me for the bill (I in turn have to treat him when he gets a PB)
John Tan, its because of him, my running lept by leaps and bounds (thank you)


Such close bonds are created by the Ironman. Richard Tang was especially appreciative to us.

Don't ask where he got this

A countdown timer to help Tip with her baking and me with my meditation (so that we will always think of him is what he said, awwww)

Richard has many skills. Hopefully he has managed to copy the many Ironman Races that I recorded on Astro

Richard cleaning my bike chain and everything else. What a guy.

(still more socialising to do before the year is out, ha ha)


jonie said...

damn.... i need to soon do those 4am runs again.. haha... big race end of next year too... shivering in my booties...

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Jonie

I still have some way to go, to match your perfect 5 hour run in 2009. Thats with all the picture taking you did. Incredible.

All the best