Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oops, I did it again. ha ha

I announced to all and sundry at IMWA 2010, "enough lah, three times in a row, some more what. So expensive you know". Ariff though knew better, same as my wife. "We are going to read on your blog, Oops registered again".

Some said "if got $ $ $, go". Others said "whilst the body is able, go".

Registration was going to open on Wednesday, 15 Dec. On Tuesday we were exchanging e-mails. "what to do, what to do, dilemma man. The wife didn't say yes or no, aiyo"

Kevin Siah clarified (thank you Kevin) that registration was going to open at 7 a.m., not 10 a.m. as we had thought. At about 8 a.m. he smsed from Perth "I have registered, its now 50 % capacity". Phew, adrenaline and heart rate quickly shot up. Smsed and e-mailed everyone that might be interested to go.

Decisions had to be made quickly. I registered when it was 75% capacity. Gosh what is Richard Tang going to do?. I didn't want to pressure him. At 90% capacity, Richard announced he was in, phew happiness for me.

Ariff was still mulling things over at 95%. Hoping Senn to make the decision ha ha. "Its 96% Senn, decide quick. 97%, 98%, 99%, too late its full".

Within 4 hours and a bit, registration for IMWA on 4 Dec 2011 was full. Incredible. I know many (as in three) of our friends who had wanted to go, have missed out.

To my knowledge, only the following "Malaysians" managed to register:

  1. Kevin Siah (lives in Perth)
  2. Sofian
  3. Richard Tang
  4. Miro (lives in Malacca)
  5. Dennis Tan (Kevin's friend, a Malaysian working at Edith Cowan University, Perth)
  6. Poh Seng
  7. Najib
Its going to be a very small Malaysian contingent. Can't have the "makan-makan" like this year, and its going to be a very short trip to watch the cost . Nevertheless for an Ironman junkie, its a return to paradise for me and Tip.


yipwt said...

my god, sofian, are indeed IM junkie...

sofiantriathlete said...


Can't control lah. So yes, that would make me an IM junkie / addict. Woo hoooooo

john cooke said...

well done I will see u again .Got in again as well

sofiantriathlete said...

See you again John at the start on 4 Dec 2011 (hopefully nothing untoward happens in between).

Miro said...

Great! small contingent but never mind. Better small than none. For us it will be short as well. Friday in, Monday out. You can go 12:30 even sub-12 Sofian, you can go! Just relax now, enjoy life and then train smart. All the best and have fun training!

Dennis said...

Hey fellow Ironmans,

Please look after me, this will be my virgin IM :)

sofiantriathlete said...


Thank you Miro for your friendship, bringing your family to the lunch, for your encouragement....

Hopefully I don't go back to 16:30 ha ha

sofiantriathlete said...

Dennis Tan

Welcome welcome to the Ironman fraternity. You've got Kevin in Perth to take care of you, so you are in good hands. I'm sure he is very pleased you are taking part.

We in Malaysia are happy too. Welcome Dennis Tan


Perfectionist said...

Told my wife "I, I ...... (a bit shaky), I ..... registered for 2011 IM WA (in a very soft tone)". And my wife say WHAT ????

I say it's Sofian and Kevin's fault and I quickly run upstair and pretend sleeping. Ha ha ha ha

Whoopy, Busselton here I come again.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised !!!! Masin mulut Tip ! :) All the way Sofian. missjewelz supports you and all fellow Malaysians doing IMWA :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you for your well wishes Miss jewelz