Thursday, December 23, 2010

IMWA Family, Reunion Dinner

We are all part of the Ironman family, boomed Mike Reilly during the carbo loading dinner. He was of course, spot on.

Since endurance sport became my hobby in 1984, I have only made friends with either runners, triathletes, cyclists, Ironmans and its supporters. I found talking to others to be a total waste of time. However if the other person was a runner or triathlete (no matter who), I could immediately connect with that person and have many things in common.

The camaraderie amongst the group from Malaysia was extra high this year given the way that Richard was keeping us always connected. He kept everyone engaged from before the trip started and I could sense that it was going to be a good trip.

Indeed it was a marvellous trip. Such a pity we had to return back to earth. Richard was the organiser, handyman and mechanic, plus he could switch on the kettle whilst I knew how to fill the kettle with water.

Claris and Tip were the best supporters in the world. They both got along with each other very well and with Melissa enjoyed cooking. That was the key probably, having communal meals. Kevin provided two cars for our use and he of course had "local knowledge". Miro, Senn, Ariff, Ezer and Denis joined in the merry making, so it was fun all around. I didn't do much actually or maybe did nothing was more accurate, what a life.


The reunion dinner was at Fatty Crab Restaurant (they serve crabs), Taman Megah. Whilst everyone was stuck in traffic, I walked over to Tan Boon Foo's (BikePro) new shop. Its very swank looking compared to the old one. I don't think he will still be the cheapest bike shop in town now. Meeting him though is always a laugh.

We apologise for having the reunion on a weekday, which meant Miro couldn't come from Malacca. Everyone else was there though:

  1. Denis, Senay & Maya
  2. Richard, Claris, Vynessa, Elyessa
  3. Ariff and Senn
  4. Tip and Sofian
  5. Ezer
  6. Kevin and Li-Ann (congratulations, they are going to be married soon)

Ever thoughtful Richard was in his element again. Printing in colour and laminating the Finisher's Certificate for everyone. As I was the only one whose hair was exactly the same colour as the white wall, Richard gave me the honours of presenting the Certs to everyone (I am honoured Richard).

Tip (my wife), was also in her element handing out specially packed "Miang Kum" for everyone. I have been so fortunate to have married such a lovely person, that now I only know how to boil water and make toast.

The proud Finishers with our Certificates (thank you Richard)
Vynessa & Elyessa
We did it !!!!

Ariff came with his Finisher's Medal, woop woop

Ezer, his finisher's T was too small

Denis "we were there to entertain the crowd, who came to see us" (spot on Denis)

Richard, always very thoughtful
Tip explaining the Miang Kum to Senn & Ezer

A happy bloke

Denis & Senay

Kevin & Li-Ann (congratulations)

Reminder of the day - Patriotic Ezer


K3vski said...

Aww... thanks Sofian. Erm, won't be THAT soon, but yes, soon hahah. You would know soon too.

Perfectionist said...

Nice blog and yes, I enjoyed the Busselton trip very much too. It's like having a small Malaysia 'kampung' at Australia :D

It's my nature to always keep in touch with friends and 'glue' them all together. Live is about having good time with people around us.

I'm sure every of us are very proud for receiving the certificate from you. Sofian the 15 Ironman finishers and soon to be Malaysia's most competed Ironman race.

Stupe said...

Sir - you are spot on. Give me a runner, cyclist, swimmer and triathlete and i could connect instantly.

Great post post race write up. Fantastic to say the least.

sofiantriathlete said...

OP Stupe,

I am so honoured by your kind words. Thank you