Monday, October 04, 2010

Old Putera 1973 Reunion

I joined the Royal Military College in 1973 aged 14 years 4 months (Form 4) and left in Aug 1975. The Military camaradarie was intense. I considered Old Puteras and especially my Batch of 1973 as my closest brothers ever. In Form 4 we underwent one full year of solid Military Hell. We were ready "to die" for each other, very willingly enduring Military punishments for each other without batting an eyelid.

I for very personal reasons, did not keep in touch with my band of brothers. Then, after 35 years I got a phone call from the Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy no less. "Please come, we want to see you". I was immediately sold.
They distributed a list of where my buddies were. I called a few names. When I heard the voice of my closest friend then, I broke into tears.

So on 3 Oct, all of us met at the Tajine Restaurant, KL. 88 Old Puteras turned up and many brought their wives. One OP (Dr Nordin) paid for everyone (again). About 10% of us, unfortunately have died. Most are now big wigs (who cares). One person came in a huge red Porche with personalised number plates, another was a taxi driver.

No tears were shed, I am going to make sure I turn up for every reunion from now.

Seng Kai Hoy was the Prop of our revered College Rugby Team. He was bigger then but could pull off 400m in 60 secs.

Nasir (Chet). We were buddies in the UK too. He was at Bristol

Prof Aziz and Salehudin Ariffin ( A Coy - my Company)

A Company

Zazili Jaafar (Tarzan). The rock in defence of our esteemed College Rugby, Hockey and Football teams. We were in the UK together too. He went to Manchester and of course supports Manchester United

KAL. The star of our College Football Team. He is a freaking Dato' now man.

Kamal Md Nor. My classmate

Nordin. He paid for everything (again). He is the best Rugby player I have ever seen and was an outstanding boxer too. At College he came to my dormitory to bash up someone who was giving me a hard time.

The freaking Chief of Navy people. The nicest chap on the planet.

Nantha Kumar. The smartest chap in our Batch

Rosli (gymnast and rugby prop), Fuad hurdler, Tarmizi Apache, Halim Mat chief ragger and Ghani Sulaiman, another chap who will die for you.

Our wives

The boys (88 of us)

A Company, my Company

Alwi. The best friend I ever had in my life. I just cried when I heard his voice on the phone.

the wives

Hasnor Yahya and Hadi (A Coy)

The next reunion is on the last Tuesday of October at the same location at 8.30 p.m. I will be there.


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

OP Sofian Sir,
after reading your reunion post, i really hope one day my batch will have great achievements and have a nice reunion just like how the seniors did=)
i truly feel the joy after reading this post. we (junior OPs) should really struggle hard to be successful in iife, and make RMC proud=)


Dancing Ciken said...

OP Sofian, forever young... :D

sofiantriathlete said...

OP Chan you are an outstanding Old Putera. Outstanding in studies and sports, snatch thief fighter, respect your seniors and elders so much.

I am truly honoured to know you


sofiantriathlete said...


Thanks Jaja.

You know what you did at Desaru was outstanding. Recent marriage (and the numerous time commitments), child birth, fasting month, conjunctivitis.

What an achievement Jaja. I am honoured to know you too.

Anonymous said...

And who would have thought that one who always "tuang" and resorted to "report sick" to avoid cross country runs is now an avid marathon runner! Sofian, you are simply amazing man.
(OP 420374 Mat John,A-Coy 73)

sofiantriathlete said...


Is that you? According to the OP list, you are 420370. 420374 I think is Wan Taha.

Anyway thanks for reading my blog and keeping in touch.

Yes I always think that before always try to tuang the road runs and cross country.
I suppose now, I do because of I like it, not forced to do it.

Eh ry to come for the Teh Tahrik reunion planned on 26 Oct, 8.30 pm also at Tajine Restaraunt. Hope everything is OK with you.


razip OP73 H Coy said...

u r amazing, man! triathlon at this age.
do carry on

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Razip. I hope everything is OK with you