Monday, September 27, 2010

Newton 25 km

The nicest part of the run, bonding with OP Chan Jun Shen for the last 10 km. The comments on FB from other OPs and even from his parents after the run were very nice. (Thanks OP Stupe for the pic.). Heck I am older than his Dad.

Thanks OP Chan. 2 hr 31 m. 16th out of 90 in my category

Doc ran more than 40 km that morning

Cecil Cheong (1 hr 49 min). Has only done one long run he said, is that true?

When I grow up, I want a waist just like that

Uphills were OK. Its the downhills that stresses the quads

Bunny Kar Yan (2 hr 20 m). Richard Tang (2 hr 12 m). We are going to share the same Villa at IMWA

Keat Seong (2 hr 25 m), Tomatoman (2 hr 6 m), Mich Looi (3rd 12 km run) and Ralph Dixon ( 2 hr 19 m)
Chris (2 hr 25 m)

Well done to:
  1. My regular running partner John Tan (2 hr 6 m PHEW) and his wife, Wai Mun who won the 12 km
  2. Mrs Stupe, her longest ever event. 3 hr 55 m
  3. Simon, his non stop jokes, triathlon wisdom and lavish praise of others
  4. Miro (2 hr 6 m)
  5. Nik aikay, Juliana Ali, TSB, Doc Pui San, Emma, Cynthia, OP Stupe, Sonny, Don Khor, Zul Hassan, Adeline, Ezer, OP CK, Zairin, Ong Boon Hin, Hoo Ching Tai, Lee Woon Khow for your cheers.

Another outstanding race by Mr Chan. Results super fast, best goody bag, good aid stations etc.

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