Sunday, August 08, 2010

A very happy birthday Juliana Ali

IM Nor Juliana Ali hosted her birthday lunch at Hadramawt Restaurant, Chulan Square on Sunday, 8 Aug. Her real birthday was on 3 Aug.
As I have gotten to know her more and more, I have found her to be a truly wonderful person. She is genuinely happy to make friends with anyone, caring, sensitive etc. She encourages the fast ones, comforts the beginners, coaches the young ones, gives back to the sport ... a truly wonderful person. Her post on the Siemens Run will show that she is happy with all, whatever shape, age, colour. The best quality of her that I like is that she makes friends with all races.
The food at Hadramawt was excellent. The food was over ordered. I think it was double what was actually needed. So all of us took lots of food home.
The company was of course my kind of crowd. IM and our supporters. We stayed there a good 3.5 hours eating and talking about our sport.
She presented a couple of slide shows which just evidences that she likes everyone. One slide show was on Ngae's funeral. You could hear a pin drop.

Nizar, IM OP Chan (Universities Top Male Duathlete), OP CK, IM Yip, IM Ezer, IM AJ etc. Mary (we have not seen her since 2006), Jaja and her baby (Alia) CK

Julie doing the slide show next to the military University students (whom Julie very kindly sent back)
Hi Alia

A very happy birthday Julie and THANK YOU for the lunch treat. Congrats on winning the Top Duathlete Female Award.


Well it was a PB for the 28 km by 6mins. 3 hrs 8 mins total. Weather was again perfect. I was quite a few minutes down after 20 km (without John Tan) but I was inspired by Simon's very very kinds words to my previous post... so I knew a PB for the 28km was very much in me.
I ran alone mostly as John Tan did the Hat Yai run where he finished top ten in his age group and got interviewed by the Thai media, yay...

Tip did her double hill walk. Sold her granola bars. Nowadays people will very quickly ask about my weight. So I tell them I am eating my wife's granola bars. "She sells them at the car park you know", thats all the marketing I know.
Had breakfast, did a 30 mins swim and went for the birthday lunch.


Emma said...

Another personal best...wonderful :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Emma

Dancing Ciken said...

wow tip did her power walk, good job!

thanks for the pics :D

sofiantriathlete said...

Our pleasure (the pics).

It was great to see CK, Alia.
All the best for Desaru.
Full or relay?

Dancing Ciken said...

errr i'm doing full, ulala... desaru gonna be my cincai race ever...

sofiantriathlete said...

With the fasting month, u only have 3 weekends to train. Ulala yes.
I think "siput girl" (May Senn) even less training.
Ask CK to drive down (driving yourself to Desaru very tiring).
Well it will be like an Ironman for you. You can do it.....

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