Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flights for IM China done

Today, I did my flights for IM China which is nine months away. Going on Friday and returning on Monday. I might not even be able to go due to work. I am nuts.

The total fare (return) was a bit below RM500, which is less than for IM China at Hainan. Registration for the race is still not open. Jocelyn Wong is very serious about doing this race.


Four others have also done their flights:

  1. Hoo Ching Cheong (IM China regular)
  2. Ong Boon Hin (IM China regular)
  3. Jason Thiang (my friend since the 1980s)
  4. Allan Lee (from Klang)

They are leaving on the Friday and coming back on Wednesday.

BTW the Great Wall Marathon (nearby) is on 21st May 2011.


The following will also most probably be going:

  1. Emma Bishop
  2. Siok Bee
  3. Chris Khrang
  4. Simon Cross
  5. Sam Pritchard
  6. Carmen
  7. Jap Sam
  8. K. K. Lee


Emma said...

Very serious?? LOL...I would like to do it but I also would like to try something different perhaps. Badwater sounds ULTRA HOT !!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Post amended