Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday to Ironman A.J.

Birthday Boy, A.J. and Adli
All the pretty ladies, Juliana Ali (still heavyweight champion of the World) and Tip

Food was sumptuous. AJ was the perfect host, making sure everyone was alright

Ladies first, Mrs TSB and Mrs SK

Ironman AJ is a total nice guy. He invited about 30 of us (all from the Ironman community) to a sumptuous Birthday Dinner at the Hadramawt Restaurant, Chulan Square. Even though he was footing the bill, he was the busiest person that night making sure everyone was alright.

I overheard him say quite a few times that "he was having dinner with "close friends". I am touched, for anyone to consider us to be close friends (I'm the same actually, my Ironman buddies are my closest friends). Thats the thing about our sport, you can be anyone but once your passion is to swim, bike and run, you are just one of the boys, very down to earth. Not only does our sport breaks down status barriers, it also breaks down racial barriers. I suppose it breaks down any social barriers that this world has. Long live Sport. Long live the Ironman, just that Malaysia doesn't have one anymore, pity.

AJ just had a serious medical scare recently, fainting on the bike whilst doing the Malakoff Charity ride. Luckily an ambulance was always in tow. All of us were very concerned for AJ. Malakoff is probably the largest corporate supporter of multi sport in Malaysia. Sponsoring Powerman, Duathlons, Charity Rides, MUDS (University development), numerous Runs and even providing employment for Malaysia's top duathlete. And does AJ have any airs about all of this, not in the slightest.

As this was actually the second time that our group was having dinner here, mingling with each other was seamless as everyone knew each other. With AJ constantly interacting with the Restaurant staff, the food was actually the best Middle Eastern food I have ever tasted. The fruit drink was so thick, it was almost as thick as a fruit itself.

The happy lot included:

  1. Host A.J.
  2. Adli (who came with a very pretty lady. Very happy for you Adli as you are a very nice person).
  3. Yusran and Hazura. We miss Yusran's antics. He is planning to do Ironman Nice, yeah baby.
  4. Stupe and family.
  5. TSB, wife and the most beautiful daughter I have seen. Way to go TSB.
  6. Mr & Mrs Ish and daughter.
  7. C.K. and Jaja. Sir really concentrates when he is eating good food. Congratulations Jaja. Time to put the tan back in your cheeks.
  8. Jason , thinking of Ipoh
  9. Mac and Adeline.
  10. Juliana Ali came with a secret. A Secret Recipe cake that is.
  11. S.U.O. Kam
  12. Mr & Mrs SK
  13. Mr & Mrs Bandit
  14. Ariff and May Senn. May Senn is going to rely on her outstanding race day tenacity to see her thru IMWA I think.
  15. Me and Tip
  16. Mr & Mrs Laif (have I missed anyone?)

Early during the dinner, I told AJ I was going to do something "a bit naughty", something that mainstream society in Malaysia may frown upon. And what was his reply after all of two seconds, "I WILL JOIN YOU". So we will both be doing the Perth City to Surf Marathon.

AJ is our man. A very happy Birthday Sir.........


Anonymous said...

haha. nice 1 Sofian ! :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Juliana Ali. Muhammad ALIIII is the greatest sporting legend that ever lived. You have the same name.

We love you OK.

Sofian and Tip

TSB said...

Too kind of words, Sir. Thank you.
Wait till she's 17. Then I'll have another set of problems.

You're looking good too sir. Your food regime is much too daunting for me, though. haha!

sofiantriathlete said...

She is gorgeous...... with a lovely personality too.
I thought nowadays its 15 years, ha ha.

You and your lovely family take care.

Sofian and Tip

Dancing Ciken said...

hehehe (blushing cheeks)

i'll be back sir!

sofiantriathlete said...

Motherhood has made you very resplendent (look lovely lah).

But we prefer you with tanned cheeks. hee hee