Sunday, June 20, 2010

One week to KL Marathon

The nicest surprise of the day was to see Peter Chan, whom we have not seen since IM Langkawi (27 Feb 2010). Peter completed his 20 km run and will be doing the full KL Marathon.

Before last week's run (thanks Juliana)

"ENERGY BARS": Repeat customer, Paul Lee (doubled his order) and we had a new customer in Peter Chan. Tip also sold to Wai Mun , Jenny Lim and two others whom my wife doesn't know their names. I don't think we make any profits from the sales, but it makes my wife soooo happy. Her happiness is definitely priceless, so thanks everyone for your support. I assure you the bars are made with love and passion by Tip.

Paul Lee actually knows his foods very well (he is a walking encyclopedia on what is good food) having reduced his weight from 87 kg to now 63 kg. The "trick" was he made a mental decision to change his dietary habits, and stuck to it. Not many people can do this.

Paul Lee, my wife and Peter Chan (thank you kindly gentlemen).IM China buddy (Hoo) and Marathon Des Sables hero, Ralph Justin Dixon Paul, Peter, Ralph, Hoo and myself will all be doing the full KL Marathon this weekend. The Marathon of course is inhonour of Brother Ngae. We have not forgotten.

MY RUN. A huge group did the 10.8 km double hill or the 8 km walk. Tip completed her third 8km walk with lesser complaints now.

I went to Sri Hartamas with John Tan and Adam Loh. Its been so many years since I've ran with them as my running has deteriorated so badly. But we were running together this time, just like the old days. They dropped me on the Hartamas hills, don't matter. They dropped me again on the way back, but I got a good time. 20km in 2 hr 10 min. The additional "8km" was a disaster as I took a short cut and walked back. Time to taper......and watch the food intake.

Another nice Sunday morning.

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