Sunday, April 11, 2010

A nice Sunday


It was a most lovely start to the morning to bump into our friends as they were making their way to their PCC ride start.

Hill No. 1, Ampang Hill
Hill No.2 (Tekala /Bukit Hantu)
Hill No. 3 (Lenggeng) Lenggeng, very steep downhill
Hill No. 4 (Bukit Tangga)
Hill No. 5 (Peres) Hill No 6 (Bukit Hantu -reverse) Hill No. 7 (Ampang) RIDE STATS:

Left home: 6.20 a.m. Back home: 2.30 p.m. Time away: 8 hrs 10 min

Actual cycling time: 7 hrs 47 min

Total stops : 23 mins (to take pictures, fill up water bottles at Lenggeng, Petronas KK, Batu 14). No lunch stop. It was Tip's home made energy bars fueling the ride.

Distance: 163 km. Average speed: 20.9 km/h (I'm always slow).

I rode alone even though PCC was everywhere. Didn't see E at Petronas.

Same ride in 2008.


Kg Pandan Track
After a 30 mins rest, I ran the 30 mins to Kg Pandan Track. That was it, had to call Tip to pick me up. I wonder how I can plod for 8 hours on race day but can only last 30 mins on a normal day.

My body is like a balloon now. Not fair, can't even relax a little bit.


yipwt said...

wow...broga then run 30 minutes?...

sofiantriathlete said...

I am still way way behind you Yip. Everything OK? Take care ok.

jonie said...

u make me wanna move to kl!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Jonie, what a surprise.

Come to KL for a weekend. We will host you or put you up at a hotel.

Emma said...

I was at petronas, first to checkin and get my red bean bun :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Emma,
I'd figured you were first at Petronas. Did you have lunch or was first back to the start too?

Tq for reading, enjoy Krabi.