Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Week (22 - 26 Feb 2010)

Well, this is it. This is the year I have been most stressed in all the eleven years of this race. Being stressed I suppose means one finds the race important, but it hasn't been fun.

I wish everyone all the best for this race. Everyone has put in a lot of physical and emotional effort for the race. For the first time, they have actually closed registration. Numbers are the highest ever. I know a lot of supporters (the real heroes) will be there.

Race day actually has the possibility of giving us the biggest thrill of our lives so far. That's why its so exciting. It can turn pear shape though.

The following people who have read this page at one time or another, I specifically wish the best:

Simon Cross: How he has improved. He has lost more than 35 kg compared to when I first knew him. He will slug it out with Cort Prois and Wong Ah Thiam to be the first "Malaysian" home. We wish him the best for the Hawaii slot.

Emma Bishop: All things being equal, quite a certainty for the Hawaii spot. In fact she will probably qualify at Langkawi and also at Hainan. Has inspired a lot of people. We wish her the best.

Kevin Siah: Was a shade over 11 hours last year. Now Kevin has a new bike position, new bike and new wheels. His swim and run especially are awesome. The mind boggles how well he will do. We wish him all the best to finish before 6.45 p.m.

Yip W T: The most gentle person in our sport. My most favourite workout he has done is running more than 24 hours to go to Kuala Kelawang and back. He has of course done so many workouts that we did not think was possible. Definitely sub 12 hours. We wish him all the best.

Abu Power: My favourite Tri Family. What a spunky daughter he has. Abu's vivaciuos personality will cheer anyone on the course. Sub 13 hours. We wish him all the best.

Paul Lee: First time. He will do well. He is a tough nut, at least sub 14 hours. We wish him all the best.

Peter Chan: First time. A nice chap. His advantage is his slim physique and he can walk fast. Has family and work commitments to juggle. Will go sub 16 hours. We wish him all the best.

I hope when we bump into each other on the run, we will give each other the loudest cheer. I will.


peter chan said...

sifu, thanks for the kind wishes. and thanks for all the info, advice and encouragement over the past few months. learnt a lot from you, you da man !!!
good luck and best wishes to all on the list. may all have a great race.

K3vski said...

Thank you Sofian for the special mention! Eh, you missed out new helmet hahhah.

All the best to you too. Will see you in Langkawi soon.

Abu Soffian said...

Thank you very much Dato'. This year IM Langkawi will be my 1st Ironman below 70kg.

All the best to you too. See you in Langkawi soon.

yipwt said...

sofian, thank you. I think you'll do your best in Langkawi as well...

sofiantriathlete said...

PETER CHAN: It has been my utmost pleasure to know you.

KEVIN: This junkie couldn't control himself. See you at IMWA, yipee.

ABU: All the best slim young man.

YIP: That would be a dream Yip.

Friends, Romans and Countrymen : Let us have the best party possible.

Emma said...

For everything, your words, your support, your kind gesture. Thank YOU.

sofiantriathlete said...

My pleasure, anytime.

plee said...

Thank you for the wishes. the encouragement and the advice given! I've gone over it many times. You've been a great teacher and inspiration.
All the best to you (another PB) and to everyone at Langkawi.. Cheers