Monday, February 22, 2010

Flight to Busso done

I am a junkie. I am a junkie of the highest order. I just couldn't control myself. I am an addict. I need professional help. I had already "announced" that I wasn't doing Busso. But what happens?

Today, I stumbled in the morning papers that MAS was launching its cheap flights everywhere. So of course I checked the flights to Perth. The fare portion was RM207 only (my eyes popped out). With taxes, insurance and everything it came to RM 1,448 return per pax.

Travelling by MAS is like going by Rolls Royce you know. Proper food, proper service, bike is free etc.

So our flights are 2 Dec 2010 (Thursday) out and 9 Dec return. The one drawback is that we arrive Perth close to midnight. Sleep at airport lah.


tryathlete said...

good to know you're going again, we can get tips from a IMWA veteran! can you let me know your flight details etc. i'd like to book the same flights too.

thanks. will talk to you more in langkawi, ya?

sofiantriathlete said...

We are going on Thursday, 2 Dec 1830 hrs ETD.
Coming back 9 Dec, 1630 hrs.
Move quickly to book the flight. c u Langkawi

plee said...

You R The Malaysian Icon in IMWA so it was hard to imagine you NOT going... hahaha!

See u in Langkawi.. Cheers!

Sorry i've been a bit quiet but hv been bogged down with work and commitments..... etc

Emma said...

Oh me gawd...just couldn't resist could you ? ;)
So you race there and I will race the Asian World 70.3 in Laguna :)

sofiantriathlete said...

PAUL: All the best (been wondering what u have been doing).

EMMA: I couldn't control myself. All of us in 2011 then?

K3vski said...

Hahhah, Busselton is your second home race after Langkawi :)

Okay, I better register soon too.