Saturday, August 15, 2009

203 km

Refill at TRAS
The town of TRAS
Tranum junction
On the way to gap
It says work will complete on 7 Aug Gap Rest House is under renovation (hurry up pls.)
Safely back to the car at Hospital Orang Asli

Hospital Orang Asli to Fraser Gap (through Bentong) and back the same way.

Left the car park at 7.09 am and came back at 6.06 pm (i.e. 11 hours away)

Cycling time was 9 hr 56 min, so average speed of about 20km/hr.

Its a beautiful ride. About 10km after Bentong take a left through award winning Kg Sang Lee. At the Tranum T junction go right for about 3 mins to reach TRAS which is the only place to get water for the climb. Back to Tranum and do the climb. I was only doing 12/13/14 km/hr. There are no shops / refreshments at the Gap. The rest house is under renovation. The new shops they built are still not open.
My nutrition was my wife's home made nutrition bars. They work and I also had three gels.
No sun.
I didn't bother setting the alarm as I assumed I would be too tired to get up. Somehow our body automatically gets up and I started feeling restless. So off to Lake Gardens, slightly late start.
A huge crowd, everyone coming back from their 20 km (or more) run. Ngae overtook me effortlessly, so he has fully recovered.
As usual the car park afterwards was like a reunion. Met my running buddy, Huan Yu from 20 years back.
My "run" time was 1 hr 37 mins, my slowest ever.
Monday : Rest
Tuesday: 15 min trainer
Wednesday: 50 min trainer (hard /easy). Swim, 31 X 100m on 2 min 5 sec with paddles at Shah Alam (yahoo)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 50 min trainer (hard/easy)


yipwt said... mean fraser gap then KKB back to HOA? or back to bentong?

sofiantriathlete said...

Back the same way (through Bentong). Now my hp can take photo. Heh heh