Sunday, July 19, 2009

Training - Monday to Sunday (19 July 2009)

Monday (13/7): Nothing (rest)
Tuesday: 2.1 km pleasant swim at Bukit Jalil
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: 22 mins light spinning
Friday: 30 mins light spinning
(therefore I did not do much during the week)
I have done this exact ride 6 times the last few months (Batu 18, Broga, KK, Batu 18). Conditions were perfect, no sun and less traffic. What was unusual was I did not see a single cyclist anywhere!!
Distance: 137km
Time departed: 6.48 am (early, needed to get back for the M U game)
Time back: About 1.05 pm
Time away: 6 hrs 17 min (previous PB 6 hrs 22 min)
Cycling time: 6 hrs 2 min (previous PB 6 hrs 8 min)
Stop time: Only once at Petronas KK, 15 min
Why was it a PB?
  1. Rested during the week
  2. Easy spinning during the week
  3. Rice dinner
  4. The weather


1 hr 5 min to Petronas Hartamas

5 min stop

1 hr 8 min back to Lake Gardens

Total: 2 hr 18 min 30 secs (a PB)

Why a PB:

  1. Rice dinner
  2. New shoe?
  3. Mantra was short steps and spring


plee said...

Wow!2 PBs back to back- Bravo! Very good point on rest and recovery too... I was with Ngae when he spotted you and called out at Taylors College Hartamas... Nice running form....:)

sofiantriathlete said...

Oh you were there. I heard someone calling my name but so many people there.
I talked to Ngae, Bruce and Jenny on the way to Hartamas. I am such a weak runner.
Hope you all had a good time. Thank you, see u at Desaru?