Friday, May 01, 2009

What a swell group


Today was the first time I joined the TTH Group minus their top guns Emma and Simon. The route was HOA - Bentong. The cast included Sam Pritchard (just back from France), Randy Tan, Ganeson, Li Sar On, KK Lee, Lok, Chrissy, Jason Thiang, Cecil and myself.
I was last to reach GS, but they were all cheering me. Everyone seemed to be chattering and laughing all the time. This lot are definitely comfortable being in each other's company seemingly saying whatever comes to mind and everyone else seemed to enjoy whatever was being said.
Again I was last to reach Bentong and KK Lee / Cecil kindly waited for me. Meal time was just non stop bantering. Li Sar On asked me to cycle with her over the long weekend, until someone said she has done >1,000km in one week. So I chickened out, ha ha.
The hot weather is definitely amongst us now. I have never seen so much traffic on that old Bentong road. Whilst last week I did the ride and run without problem, the lack of sleep the past few days took a toll. I was last again and they waited cheering for me just after the bridge. We kept on going to Petronas, refueled then back to HOA. There were punctures but everyone was always helping out. A timber lorry had overturned on the road down to HOA.
They are a nice lot, I hope there will be more rides with them.

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