Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday's run

Saturday started with a huge question mark. I had a running nose the whole day Friday after the ride and wasn't sure how serious it was. Felt so heavy when the alarm sounded and still felt disoriented at the Bukit Aman Car Park. Car Park was empty, again confusing my disoriented head.
Started walking hardly 20 minutes into the run. Didn't want to turn back, so decided for the shortest route (the 8km route). IM Ariff, IM Azmar and Laif overtook me as I was walking. They looked good. Reached the roundabout that said 24 degrees (nice morning). I started running slowly. As I was reaching the car park, I realised that I was feeling OK and I could do more.
Took in water and gel, I was off again slowly but felt comfortable. The steps seem to be improving, had a rhythm. Our running gait improves with mileage. We sort of gravitate towards an efffortless style. Of course up the hills I was still slow.
So after 1 hr 13 mins for the 8km loop, I took 1h 27m for the 11km double hill loop. It was 2h 40m for 19km. Such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, after initially feeling sick.
Perhaps the biggest challenge I face in life is that I am overweight. I put on weight even during the IM, everything that goes in seems to stay put. My favourite escape clause is, I say my wife loves to feed me. She is a lovely lovely person.
I was at my slimmest whilst training for IMWA. I only had raisins and corn during the long solo rides. The weight came back again as I was tapering for IMMY. Of course it ballooned after IMMY as I reduced my training. The real culprit was the fried rice breakfast I was having each morning. My wife doesn't tell me as my weight ballooned, she says it keeps the girls away.
The trigger was when I read in the papers that our diet should be predominantly fruits and vegetables (uncooked). Then we will not be receiving the "I am hungry signals". I told my wife, so she now gives me a fruit salad breakfast (I cheat a little bit at the office with a few kuih). My lunch though is still Mc Value Meals just about everyday (something to work on?). Dinner, the wife does grilled fish though I go and spoil it with peanuts.
With the proper breakfast and increase in training, my weight has reduced the last two weeks. Its the lunch now that I have to work on.......


Cheong said...

Ya..careful with them McD meals. I went on them regularly for lunch during a job project for 6 months & my weight balloon to a double digit growth in Kgs. That was a PR i am not proud of! It took me another 9 months of consistent running between 40km and 60Km weekly (5X a week) just to drop the weight back to where it was. I have not touch McD since.

If you have to go on McDs for some reason, go for the McChicken or Fish without the mayo sauce - No fries and no soft drink. If you are that hungry, eat two burgers (w/o sauce) but stay away from the fries and soft drink. The cost is only slighly more but you'll feel fuller. Still....pls. stay away from it.

Have you seen Emma's post on the 30 stone mother who fed on the stuff?

sofiantriathlete said...

Ha Ha. Thanks for the heartfelt advice Cheong. Yes the soft drinks and fries "kills".
OK since u took the trouble to post, no more McD for at least one week. I will post in a week's time whether I stuck to it.
Thank you Cheong.