Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last week to Langkawi

First & last placing IM Langkawi 2006

SATURDAY - 1 hr 6 mins on the trainer. Didn't feel well. Sent bicycle for packing at Joo Ngan's shop.

SUNDAY - 10.8km double-hill. 1 hr 13 mins. Slow isn't it? 1 hr swim in apartment pool.

MONDAY - nothing. Went to PADE and its now closed every Monday for maintenance.

TUESDAY - 4km swim, 1 hr 20 mins exactly (1 min per 50m). Perfect waveless lane. Hardly race conditions though.


THURSDAY - Nothing. Forego my morning Air Asia ticket due to work. Air Asia now charges RM40 for the bike bag and RM15 per kg that is overweight.

FRIDAY (JELLY FISH STING) - swam 37 mins at Jetty and got badly stung. Suddenly a huge mass was before me (I thought the swimmer in front had stopped), then I felt the sting all over and saw the huge jelly stuff. It was bad, my right arm, tummy and left chest had huge tentacle marks. It was a shock, the medical people were still not around. I was snapping away at my wife. I am so so sorry sweetheart.

Whilst the official medical people were helpful (the treatment is pour vinegar on the affected area), I got a jab from the local cilinic on Ade's suggestion.

My bike warm up totalled 6 km on the day.


Denis Oakley said...

Hey Sofian, Well done - I was the one in the red Tri-suit and white cap who said hello every lap or so on the run :)
Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as it looked as if you were

sofiantriathlete said...

Definitely one of the highlights of the day was meeting a new friend, you. Thank you Denis.