Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family tree get together

On Sunday, it was a gathering of descendants from my great grandmother (moyang) at a Community Hall in Damansara. I think about 500 people turned up. Someone took the trouble to prepare a detailed family tree with about 1,000 names and their details. It must have been quite an effort.
My cousins, Twins (Abang & Adek) and Abang Yusof
Cousin Mod and his family
Seated are my cousins from Ipoh (Dr Fuad, Hisham & Mat). They are very good people.
Standing are their kids
Abang Yusoff introduced me to the thrills of bicycle racing. We would tear away on rickety bikes on stony, muddy kampong roads. He won each time. Abang Yusoff had to cycle 9 miles one way just to reach his secondary school.
The kids are leading the VIPs (elders) in
My cousin, Din and his wife Anita.
The twins introduced me to the bright lights of the city whilst I was still at school. It was always a thrill to meet them. Now we have white hair and some teeth missing.
Group photo, all 500 of us
This is just descendants of my grandmother (I just found out my grandma's name was Halimaton). We are in "yellow".
Hats off to the organising committee
Au Revoir


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Very Extended family! I just wnt to wish you the very best for IM Langkawi. Have a good one and enjoy yourself

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sir, more reports on your IM pls :D

well done again!