Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Acknowledgements 1

Its important to put in writing our appreciation to all that wished us well in our endeavours. Thank you to (in no particular order):

1. Chief Kutu (my life has not been the same since I met him Ha Ha)
2. Jason Hue
3. OP Sabri
4. OP Shahzly
5. Yusran
6. OP AJ
7. May Senn
8. OP Bandit
9. OP Stupe
10. OP Pahlavi (I have not met you)
11. Kev from Perth
12. TTH, Randy, KK Lee (I didn't see him at Busselton?)
13. Sam Pritchard & Carmen
14. Joo Ngan, Ngae, Dr Tan, Jason Thiang
15. Simon Cross
16. Simon Ng Earn Tiong (Msian IM now living in Sydney)
17. Don Khor
18. Halim Jantan
19. John Tan
20. Nizar
21. Jenny Lim Kui Eng
22. Yaziz
23. Andrew Wong, Nicklas swede
24. Ishal
25. OP Kam Kasturie
26. UPIQ
27. Azman Muzaid - Sime

Thank you for the well wishes by SMS, e-mail etc.

(More photos and stories later, after all I don't go to Busselton everyday).


kev said...

Eh, I got a mention also! Thanks.

Well done on your efforts in Busso. Adding another IM to your list, and completing the distance itself is a heroic effort.

Oh ya, I forgot that it is fly season now! Didn't know it would be problem over there, must be hell annoying!

sofiantriathlete said...

the flies didn't seem to bother the others though. Perhaps they were moving faster.