Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK. The First Time Ever

For the first time ever, a Malaysian has won Gold at a World Cup Track Cycling event. The coaches will be happy.
I managed to record it from the telly. When asked why he lifts his front wheel as he crosses the line, he says so that when people think of a "wheelie", they will think of him. He also does the spear thing ala Usain Bolt. Good man.

My apologies. According to Josiah Ng's web-site (it takes ages to load), Josiah has won 8 medals at the World Cup Cycling Events including three first place finishes. I will check up with Joo Ngan who is now back in town.

Apologies again. Unholy Alliance has clarified that it is "First Time Ever". I was so happy when I recently passed my eighth academic qualification, unfortunately I don't even understand the scoring for cycling.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Soffian,

It was indeed our first ever Gold Medal in world cup.

The one in Josiah blog stated 1st Keirin is where he was the 1st overall standing points as he competed almost all the round world cup and collected points. ( just like badminton player world no 1 ranking but still the world champion is from China)

If Josiah won the world championship at France he'll be the World Champion for 2006 but is was Theo Bos (Netherlands) and will be wearing the rainbow jersey for 2007 season.

You can refer the results

Unholy Alliance

Anonymous said...

read your blog, noticed your prob with pade pool close, every now and then. i used to be life guard in uitm shah alam. there is an indoor pool there olympic size. opens to public(i think, man/woman separate session) every day and at night too. why dont u check it out....(location 3 04 09"N 101 30 01"E on google earth)

sofiantriathlete said...

Unholy Alliance,
Thanks for explaining. I googled your name but a rock band came out.
Thank you, Sofian

sofiantriathlete said...

Dear Anonymous,
thanks for the tip on the UiTM pool. I think I will join the other triathletes at Bukit jalil from now on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Soffian,

Good day to you. I'm just rectifying something that is wrong. You can refer to UCI website instead for all the details.

Below is most probably what Jo write in his website. he's no1. but eventually been taken back by Theo Bos. That is the ranking. and currently 2008 the rank for no 1 is Chris Hoy.

Unholy Alliance.