Monday, July 14, 2008

My own century ride

I couldn't do the Ipoh Century ride due to family commitments. Anyway I did my own century (about 164km) from the house, Broga "classic" loop and finishing at Pekan Batu 14 (where I called my wife to pick me up).

Reached Pekan Batu 14 from the house around 7.25 am. Joo Ngan has a new group, they are all friendly.Cycled with them up to the Perez T junction, then I was on my own. Essentially I had a very good ride all the way to Kuala Kelawang, no sun , faster then my previous ride. The part between Broga and Pekan Ulu Beranang (which seems like an eternity) is just mud and sharp pebbles. Its going to get much worse (but I still do this loop).

Had quite a heavy lunch at KK, the sun came out in all its glory. That's my honeymoon over. Proceeded to the bottom of Perez reverse slowly in the heat. I always wilt in the heat (because during the rest of the week, we are in an air con environment perpetually).

I absolutely struggled up Perez reverse, absolutely struggled no kidding. Didn't put the foot down though. Near the top, it started to rain, but I still felt very bad. Only about 130km on the meter. Stopped at the first shop, hard cold 100plus and gel, then felt great, its now raining all the way.

Had close shaves with fast cars in the rain and decided to call Rescue 911 (the wife) at Pekan Batu 14. Ended at 3.55 pm.


I am really looking forward to this. 1000 triathletes I think, its going to be a great reunion. I hope Davy Koh from Singapore comes, we did Hawaii together in 1994 and I have not seen him since.

Have a nice day.


John said...

All the best!

Chief Kutu said...

Kamu ni really power lah, OP Sofian ...well done with your own Century ride....actually lost for words lah!
See u at PD

sofiantriathlete said...

u had great company and great food at Ipoh.
Lost for words too Sir
All the best for PD