Monday, June 30, 2008

Miscellaneous Updates

Bali Triathlon
The results are out. Well done to Cecil, Iwata and Yusran. I told anyone that asked that the route was flat. However, it turned out that the swim was very choppy and it was a new hilly bike route (significantly increasing the splits). The guy that came second for the Miri Sprint also came second overall at Bali.

Bukit Jalil
Tmw is the start of the new opening hours. Triathletes going for lessons there need not follow the published opening hours. The lessons cost RM180 per month and are held four times a week (Monday, Wed, Thu and Sat). No need to pay the entrance fee if going for lesson.

Small world
The personal swim coach for Aini is Lewin Lim's son (Linvern). Well Aini has a top notch coach. Lewin Lim is part of Port Dickson's Team Mermaid that organised the PD Triathlon in 1989 that changed my life. We wish Lewin the best.

YO YO World
On Sunday my wife had to come and fetch me in the car from Orang Asli. So I am not going to Kenyir. Take a rest.

MIRI Triathlon Results
The results are now out.


bola2api said...

my coach's name is Linvern..

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you