Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekly Training Roundup

new cycling shoes (my feet don't hurt anymore)

Monday and Tuesday



2.9km swim at Bukit Jalil (crowded)


Nothing (I don't train much on weekdays as a I'm always tired from work)


100M x 28 at Shah Alam Indoor Pool. A lane to yourself, perfectly clean - I will come here more often.


30 mins jog/light exercise organised by the Company for all staff.

(Whilst everyone else was doing the Pondan Broga ride, Cameron Highlands etc)


Joo Ngan has a respectable sized group now with Nicklas - Swede, Andrew Wong, Freddie Loong (comes all the way from Seremban), Queen Dimples too?, a very tall white lady (new), a white man and a few others actually. They started at 7.30 am at Batu 14.

Anyway, I didn't join them as I wanted to "make every training second". I had to be home by 1 pm to attend a Company wedding.

Left home around 6.40 am, Ampang Hill, waved to Joo Ngan's group at Batu 14, waved to Andrew at Batu 18, up Perez (slow 37 mins even though pushing), passed the Dam, waved to Joo Ngan's Group down the steep hill and stopped at the Tekala rest area. 2 hrs 48 mins (slow I don't know why).

Back exactly the same way I came. Surprisingly saw Joo Ngan's group (minus Joo Ngan and the girls) whilst going up Perez for the second time(36 mins, faster a bit). I supppose everyone is motivated by the Giro.

Reached home just before 1 PM. I was so exhausted and just slept on the floor for 30 mins (so much for rushing to a wedding).


122 km

21.4 km/hr average

5 hrs 41 min on meter ( a bit slow even for me)



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Dancing Ciken said...

the reason why indoor pool so empty, coz they closed it for almost a week. pump problem la, bla bla bla. so orang pun give up nak swim kat PADE

anyway, i'm back, jeng jeng jeng

sofiantriathlete said...

jeng jeng jeng

Abu Soffian said...

Bro...where did u bought that pearl izumi? Berapa harga?

sofiantriathlete said...

Saya beli di kedai Joo Ngan, Jln Ampang. Colour / model lain pun ada.
Quoted price is RM570. Actual price was quite high also.