Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today's ride, Sunday 4 May 2008

It was a lovely ride.

Started from the house and on the MRR2 was overtaken by a cyclist who has only one leg. He was cheerful as he overtook me just before 7 a.m. I will never complain about my injuries again.

Met OP Chief Kutu (Fadzil), OP IM Shahzly, OP Kam, Farook (the best cylist in the group) and Rashid (son of OP) At Taman Melawati junction. First stop was at Orang Asli where there were many cyclists (Edwin's group), IM Azmar (who joined us) etc.

I cycled to Genting Sempah with Chief Kutu and gosh I really got to know him. We found out that we are genuinely related. We knew so many common relatives including our cousin that passed away recently.

Re-grouped at GS and headed down to the ice kachang place at Bentong. The ice kachang was of course good.

The group split big time on the ride back up to GS. We waited a good 45-50 mins at GS and still left two behind. I think the waiting made me hungry and I struggled home. CK was finishing very strongly (raisins), this is a very good sign.
Rashid wanted to have lunch at Orang Asli, very sorry the missus has cooked lunch. Rashid is putting in sacrifices for Triathlon. Good for him.

Ride data: 6 hrs 38 mins, 156 km, average 23.5 km/hr. I am very happy with my ride as I had struggled on 1 May. Joo Ngan had adjusted my cleats and it felt so much better today.

Next stop A Farmosa (Ikan Bakar)

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