Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Famosa 11 May 2008

With Joyo Commando before the start
Starting the bike
Starting the run (felt terrible here)
The finish, about 2hr 59m or 3 hrs
About to go home
Wife posing (accomodation was OK)
Wife scared
With Hoo Ching Cheong, a very nice chap
Trying to cover the tummy
Old friend Jamil Mat Esa (he beat me today)

As usual a very good day. I don't why I don't race more often. We meet old friends, go to a nice location, change of environment. Even the wife was happy.
The last time I did this race was in 2002. So it was a sort of a home coming. Mr Chan took a dig at me during the briefing that I "was so out of touch". He commented on my Kona exploits and the other triathletes applauded. I only get applause in Triathlon, until I tell them my times, then everyone giggles.
Whilst the water is not clean, its actually OK. The problem however is the mass start. First of all the water scooters people squashed everyone back, scary. When the start gun when, people infront doing breaststroke were kicking anyone behind. These kicks are powerful. No wonder we had a death at the PD race start last year. This is the only weakness of the race.
I swam wide clear of anyone. I tried to go as hard as I could. Don't know my swim time as the watched received a kick. I was so surprised to see Ngae in front of me. He finished the Langkawi swim about 35mins slower than me. I train with him, he actually can't swim. Looks like the swim training he did with Peh has really paid off.
I knew the trick of the bike is just to wait for a train to come along. Many trains came from behind, but my cycling was so useless I couldn't stick to any train. Nice route, many hills. It was fun. I felt tired with 28 km on the meter.
Total time was 1 hr 22min. 38 km. Average 28.xkm/hr. I suppose its poor statistics for a draft legal race.
I felt terrible at the run start. My last run was the Langkawi Ironman. That exploit has made my planta pain worse. So I had no expectations for the run. I was surprised to overtake Brian Ng from Spore soon after the run start. I thought I was the slowest runner in Triathlon. Funnily I felt better as the run progressed. I did overtake two or three runners. Of course the usual 100 runners did overtake me. Reaching the gate felt forever. It was so fast using the bicycle before. I just maintained my rythmn over the undulating run course. The trick is not to experience any pain with each step, I thought.
I finished the race in 2 hr 59 min according to a time keeper. It wasn't painful like the half Ironman or full Ironman. Races here we come.


Simon said...

Yo, Sofian, great to see you there - and yes do more races please, we love to see you there

John said...

Dear Sofian, it's nice to see you there. I really wished to talk to you more than the "hi" and "bye" while on the run.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Simon.
Well done to you

You so fast

Dancing Ciken said...

i still cant believe that u ran that fast. u wait till i recover k, i will 'potong sayur' u, hahahaha

well done!

sofiantriathlete said...

ha ha.
First run since Langkawi.
"Foot Solutions" and new shoe man.

Thanks for the photos.
Take time with ur recovery