Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today's ride (1 May)

Met OP AJ and for the first time OP Fadzil (he tried to rag me to do "pumping" )

Only a few years ago, Chew would organise a 200km ride to Frasers to celebrate Workers' Day. Well those days are for the moment gone.

I just came back from six days in China (Fuzhou). I have never been this fat in my life, so it was interesting what I would do this Workers's Day.

It was raining at 6.30am, but I knew it wasn't a serious rain. I left the house at around 7.40 am after watching a recording of MU's semi final. Cloudy and a slight drizzle (perfect).
Went up the Ampang Hill and was surprised to see Joo Ngan's van at Batu 14. Joo Ngan is recovering from a fall in the Velodrome (he fell whilst sweeping the Velodrome floor). I was slow.
Saw National cyclists (Falanie Ali - he always smiles) coming the other way. Just before the T junction Chee Seng came in a van followed by his two sons and others absolutely tearing away. They turned right at the junction. Gave my pleasantries to CCS and headed up Perez. There were many cyclists and big motor bikes around Ulu Langat that day. IM Shahzly, AJ, Yusran, Dr K I think and others were flying down. They invited me to turn around,,, no way I was going to try and catch them. Reached the top in 40 mins versus 33 mins normally. Took my time going down to the Dam.

At the Dam coffee shop met OP AJ, OP Fadzil, Yusran etc. It was a very nice conversation talking to them. I was genuinely happy. I sort of use OPs as a motivation for me. My drive to the office everyday actually passes by the RMC turn off at Tasik Seletan. It is a silent motivation for me each time I pass that junction. They left the coffee shop before me.

At the T junction I was day dreaming and headed towards Batu 18. As I had told senior OPs I was going to do Perez again, i doubled back and went up Perez in the heat. Anyway to cut a long story short I completed my out and back along the same route ride.

It took me 6 hrs 8 mins, 125 km, average speed 20.3 km/h.
Normally without the double back error, the ride is 120km and takes me 5 hrs 20 mins. So, I am really unfit. Its judgment time, however I think I will get back my fitness, albeit slowly.


Chief Kutu said...

Budak Junior Boy, Take 100 & roll down B block in your birthday suit!
Chief Kutu

sofiantriathlete said...

Wow it looks like you were quite a ragger (Zubir was I was told).

I really 100% enjoyed meeting you. A laugh a minute. Even Jaja's Langkawi photos of you have you either smiling or a stupid pose.