Thursday, May 01, 2008

Impressions of China

Outside the office building (just a little chilly)
Bicycles (the average person is fit)
Tea drinking is an art
At a tourist spot
A modern looking building

I was in China (Fuzhou) for the first time in my life from 23 to 29 April 2008.

My overall impression is its OK. People are well behaved, no riff raff, you do need to know Mandarin though.

Fuzhou must have the best airport / pax in the world. Its modern and clean, but no passengers. The immigration officers are polite, but no one can really speak English.

Its a pity, the city is a bit polluted, its ok to live just can't view the mountains. There are good highways, some massive and modern buildings, stadiums. The Hotel (Best Western was very good).

Everyone essentially commutes by bicycle. The average person is fit and slim. They are going to win the Olympics, mark my words.

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