Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First day of 2008 - 21km run

Whilst the big boys were doing a 100km / 20 km brick at Putrajaya I headed to Lake Gardens.

Woke up earlier than usual at 5 a.m. Not that many people at Lake Gardens unlike the normal Sundays. Its a nice feeling to be there in the still of the morning.
Started the run at 6.20 am, alone. I felt disoriented / half asleep for quite a while. Langkawi Ironman 2008 participant, HO overtook me quite a few times. He will do well with his running ability. He knows Ironman Ngae and Ironman Ong. Anyway I felt better and realised I could complete this run, albeit slowly. I was inspired by reading Dancing Chicken's blog. If she can run to Sri Hartamas, surely I could.
My run is really slow (8.5 hours marathon) and normally my thighs ache like crazy. This time however my thighs didn't ache that much. I attribute it to the long ride on Sunday using easy gears. There is less stress on the thighs, and u can run better after (SECRET TIP).

It took me 1 hr 10 mins to reach Petronas. 3 mins to buy 100 Plus, then head back.

There were about 5 Kenyans running. They were very good and friendly too. There was also a group of young fit, slim Malays. Effortlessly they went by me, chatting away like it was a public holiday (which it was actually). There was also a group of 5 Pacesetters (some wearing the AMBank Marathon vest) who also went by me. I did overtake one elderly Malay man, he came back much later (the true hero).

Started the run back quite "strongly" but soon realised I had to go at my snail pace again. But I maintained that snail pace all the way back. A slightly faster return split of 1 hr 9 mins.

Total time with stops was 2 hrs 23 mins.

The heel pain came back so its feet in the ice bucket now.


John said...

What a good start for the year! Keep it up!

sofiantriathlete said...

Good to see you there. Take care

Dancing Ciken said...

hiii, happy new year to u!

i'm inspired coz u're an IRONMAN!

sofiantriathlete said...

dancing chicken

Why not taking part in Ironman?

u r ironman material

Simon said...

Hey Dancing Chicken - I went to the link and it was an invitiation only blog! Come on go public, we can all suffer together.


Simon (tritwins.blogspot.com)

sofiantriathlete said...


I think her hobby by not be acceptable to some

sofiantriathlete said...

sorry I meant,

her hobby might not be acceptable to some

Dancing Ciken said...

hi simon, can i have your email add, gmail would help :)

will invite thru email, sorry for the troubles