Sunday, December 30, 2007


179km actually according to the meter.

Gosh my previous long ride (exactly the same route as today - Broga "Classic") was on Nov 17, and today its Dec 30.

The stats are:

Left house around 6.45 am. Reached home 4.25 pm (thats 9 hrs 40 mins)

Time on meter: 8hrs 26 min. Average speed (about my normal speed).

The route was:
House (Pandan Perdana) - Ampang Hill - Pekan Batu 14 (met Joo Ngan and McCormick, waited for them to put on make-up) - Pekan Batu 18 (waited for Andrew Wong) - T junction - Joo Ngan went back thru Tekali Hill road - Andrew and McCormick stopped at Tekali rest are (I proceeded alone) -Lenggeng (water and Power Bar stop) - Kuala Kelawang Petronas.

It was HOT at KK. Stopped 32 mins but the sun was still there. Took "ORS" and the cramps disappeared. Cycled gingerly to the bottom of Genting Peres. Some Nepalese workers almost overtook me on their rickety bike. The sun then disappeared. Cycled slowly home. For some reason the sole of my left feet aches like crazy.

Anyway, made it home. I am very happy.

Nutrition: two power bars, two power gels, lots of water (numerous pee stops).

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