Monday, November 26, 2007



Almost none (thus no blogging). No training at all from Monday to Thursday due to work commitments. On Friday did 40 mins swim in my apartment pool (the guard told me no swimming before 7 am sir). Saturday was a shambles as I did not have a good sleep, only swam 800m. Whilst my mates did the mother of all rides. Read adzim , Bacin's and OP Shazly's amazing reports.

So what did I do;

I went to the velodrome to watch cycling. The Asia Cup.
A competitor waiting for the start of the "madison".

Malaysia's most vociferous supporters (Jackie and Jillian, Joo Ngan's children)

A champion warming down. Wong Kam Po diligently warming down even though everyone else had packed up.

The Madison is a great race. In the SEA Games there were many crashes. This time there was only one crash near the end.

The two Msian boys stucked with the leaders right to the end (first time ever according to the coach). They came in fifth, I gave them RM50 each.

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