Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The swim is coming

Struggled with the swim at Shah Alam. Lots of people in the pool, its difficult to swim when the water is choppy. There were two other Klang Ironman in the pool.
Struggled to do 20 X 100m on 2 mins 15 secs. Rest then another five.

No training, didn't sleep well due to the coffee during the day.

Wednesday (today)
The indoor pool is still closed. Will be opened this saturday they say.
Did 30 X 100m on 2 mins 10 secs. Each 100m varied from 1min 50 secs upwards.
Best swim since Desaru.
Looking forward to the Broga Classic ride this Saturday.


Dancing Ciken said...

will see u at pool soon ^_^ happy training!

Adrian said...

bloody hell mate! - great swims! don't know how u can do it!!!

sofiantriathlete said...

I've been reading your blog Adrian
"concentrate on technique"