Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday 180km I think

The meter decided not to work today (must be from the Deepavali rain).

I joined Adzim, Azmar, Dicky, Ariff, May Senn, OP Shazly, OP Stupe, Bacin, Adzim's friend. Most started from Batu 14, two from Batu 18, Bacin and myself from our respective homes.

The route was what they call the Broga Classic loop. May Senn fell near Broga and turned back with Ariff and Adzim's friend.

I started from my house (Pandan area), went up the Ampang Hill and met the others. The 7.30 am sharp start was actually 7.52 am. Went to Batu 18, we regrouped at the Tekali rest stop. Proceeded to Broga. The pace was slow. Everyone stopped at Broga but I got fed up with the so many stops and proceeded to Lenggeng alone to refill the water bottle. Did the Lenggeng hill, then Bukit Tangga. Its a new road, more steeper now. Stopped at Petronas KKwang. After only a few seconds, Adzim came along. He must have been flying. Waiting for everyone, my stop time was 52 mins.

There was no sun throughout the day. We proceeded to the bottom of Genting Peras quite fast. Up till then I felt fine, the benefit of the Deepavali ride. I was a little slow up Genting Peras, but only Adzim and Bacin was in front of me. At the top I knew I was spent. Didn't even turn the pedals going down. Spinned slowly to Batu 18, refuelled. At the Batu 14 Dewan, Adzim's car was long gone.
I absolutely struggled up Ampang Hill. Thighs were cramping. Reached home around 4.30 pm.

If the Broga Loop was 155km, then my ride must be about 180 km, I think.

Tomorrow I am not getting up.


bacin said...

hahaha... meter tu pun nak rehat jugak. dok pusing aje.. penat terus meter mogok.

sofiantriathlete said...

Bacin awak super man. Sunday pergi lagi. Phhhhhh