Monday, October 29, 2007

Training Round Up

Reading the blogs of others, most have resumed hard training, whilst some are still in Hari Raya mode.
I still have not started the long rides due to the Open House commitments. Still two more weeks of Open Houses to attend. So maybe the first 200km ride will only be on 18 Nov, quite a late start for Langkawi. Only swam about 300m a few days ago. The Shah Alam Pool though is in superb condition (clear , clean water). For running I only have done 30 mins on the tread mill, and the heel pain came back. So looks like, the actual running (walk) will only be done on Race Day.
For the past two sundays it was 123/4 km around Ulu Langat from the house. 5hrs 20 min on the meter (less than 24km/hr average heh heh). Met Edwin and his group. There are really a friendly lot.


Dancing Ciken said...

wow i should try the pool now. asyik renovation saja

sofiantriathlete said...

Pool memang best now