Thursday, May 03, 2007

209 km 1 st May 2007


My favourite cycling route (hospital orang asli -Bentong - Fraser Rest House -Bentong - HOA) is actually 209 km on my new meter.

We started around 7.50 a.m. and came back around 6.10 pm.

Cycling time on the meter was 9 hrs 14 min. Climb to Fraser rest house from the T junction was 1 hr 23 min (good time). However the climb from Shell Bentong to GS rounabout was my slowest ever 1 hr 49 min.

Checking back the "archives", the time for this ride was slow.

The Story

It was me and Ngae. We both had not done a long ride since Langkawi.
There were lots of people at the start, but all only went to Bentong Ais Kacang.

The weather was 96% cloudy, 2% sun and 2% rain. Perfect conditions.

My knee actually was aching from the large gear exertions and running with the friendly swimbikerun triathletes. The knee only didn't ache if I used tiny gears and sat back on the saddle. So it was that mode the whole way.

Surprisingly it was fine all the way to the rest house. I actually had a decent climb. 4 hrs 53 mins and 106 km up to the rest house. I think normally it took me 5 hrs flat but we did have an extra stop at Shell Bentong to fuel up.

The stop at the rest house was like 45-50 min. Luckily there was food. That maggie mee was soo delicous.

Coming down to Bentong was fine but slight drizzle here and there. It felt such an effort to reach the Shell. Refueled.

Now the fun starts. We both were really slow, especially me. I was only doing around 13km/hr up to Genting Sempah, but at least I was moving consistently. It was my slowest time ever to the roundabout (1 hr 49 min). We struggled all the way back to our cars at HOA, but we made it.



Rushed back home and went to Dr Tan's house for BBQ. It was a celebration of Dr Tan's and Ngae Sahara sojourn. Thank you Dr Tan and Jenny for your hospitality


Ngae said...

Bro: My butt still hurt today...

bacin said...

wow.. 9hrs!! takuttt.. but kena try la satu hari nanti :p

sofiantriathlete said...

My butt got pimple now

Your bike and run is Ironman standard.
Your swim is not. Need to make your body long when u swim. Stretchhhhh.

jaja said...

ha? wah the spot exactly rite there?