Friday, January 05, 2007


Previous PB

On Saturday, I did a 3 km swim in 58 mins 37 secs at Shah Alam pool.
This was a significant PB for me since I broke my arm.

Then during the holiday period I decided to read my long lost book
"Total Immersion". The cover looked nice I thought.

New PB

On thursday, I forgot my trunks, bought one from the stall at RM16.
Did 3km in 57 mins 3 secs.

My swim time improved by 1 min 34 secs, merely by trying to implement what the book said. It wasn't due to more training.

Incredible man. Swim time improved just by reading a book. And, its not your normal swim book, where the normal advice is "put in the mega laps", then the time will improve. This one, the advice is different ....

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