Tuesday, December 12, 2006

202 km again

SUNDAY 10 dec

Did exactly the same ride two weeks ago (Orang Asli to Frasers Rest House and back the same way).

The times / splits in total were better by one minute.
i.e. 202+km with 9 hrs 13 min on the meter. Ave 21.9km/hr
plus about 45 mins for three water stops and lunch (Maggie soup) at Fraser Gap rest house.
Some splits:
4 hrs 58 min to reach Gap. 1 hr 41 min from Shell Bentong to Mcdonald roundabout.

This time it was a hard day (hot). I did not do any running after the bike. My butt was in pain for 100 km (pimple swell up) plus the soles of my feet really hurt.

I did no cycling at all during the week, so I suppose the body got a shock with a 200km ride.
Tip: Power gel is good for the whole ride.

Future training

Provided all things goes well, this ride will be the main stay of my Ironman preparation. The Broga - Kuala Kelwang route though is hotter and better preparation.

All the best u Ironmen

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