Tuesday, November 14, 2006

United's progress

Happiness is being a Man United fan right now and during all other times too.

When we were beating LFC, the wonderful feeling I was getting was indescribable, simply wonderful. A lot of my good friends are LFC fans.

The title is between Chelsea, Man U and Aresenal. LFC will get fourth (they are not a mid table team). But the other teams in the EPL are quite poor. Chelsea are definitely the favourites with the size of their squad. Arsenal play wonderful passing football while Man U have been scintilating. Oh yes the football they are playing is the best since 1999. With Ruud (he just scored all 4 Real's goals) gone, the whole team has to score. And my they did.
The weakness is that the team only have eleven good players. The back up players are way behind. Injuries to key players will scuple our title hopes. And the key players are:
1. Paul Scholes. (i blogged at the start of the season, he was the best midfielder in Europe, and now he was named Oct player of the month).
2. Cristiano Ronaldo, even against Southend he was trying his damnest. He stays up more now, can out run everyone. He is "the best player in the world" . He also was named player of the month by sky sports.
3. Ryan Giggs, the way he nicks the ball away and defends (we all know he can attack)
4. Nemenja Vidic. I said he was good and he could score. His back headers to the goalie are so precise.
5. Rooney seems overrated. Missed clear chances against Blackburn.
6. The speed of Saha
7. Carrick. Yes well done to him. All the doubters will have to eat humble pie.
8. The speed and hardworking Evra.

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