Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday, ride with the boys

I was excited, as my bicycle was now better.

We met at Pekan Batu 14. Joo Ngan, Andy, "Ngai", Dr Tan and myself.

The Qatar national team was with us at the start. Its 48 degrees there so they only cycle indoors on rollers. They are very slow.

Anyway, we parted ways at the T junction. My climb was a recent PB of 30 mins 54 secs. A veteran american beat me to the top. At the top there was Dr K and the funniest cyclist I know, Razak. He is black like anything from cycling in Sabah. Everytime he talks, I go into stitches.

The original group went down to Titi. At the bottom, Ngai had already taken off his cycling top. Me and Ngai raced to Titi. Coming back , me and Ngai raced to the bridge at the bottom of the hill. Now the best part, I did the climb in a PB of 43 mins 48 secs. The last time I went below 44 mins was with Lim Meng Shiang in 1992 I think.
The finish at Pekan Batu 14 was Andy first, then Joo Ngan, Dr Tan then me. Congrats to Andy.


Simon was hit smack on by a hit and run van at Exit 707 about 10 km from his home. He is now at Damansara Spe. Hos Room 319. Its a spine problem and can't really move. Visit him, he is a cheerful patient.

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azhar said...

get well soon simon, hope u have a speedy recovery!