Thursday, August 24, 2006


Work up just before 5 and saw Man U winning 3 - 0. I was worried because Rooney and Scholes were suspended (still suspended too).

Did cycling trainer for one hr watching the minor teams. Apart from the top five clubs, the other clubs are not that good.

Total confidence in Fergie

I did blog not too long ago I have total confidence in Fergie;

1. We saw 4 pre-season games and Fergie's face was total concentration. He is a workaholic. The faces of the youngsters, it was like their lives depended on their performance. Fergie really can handle youngsters.

2. Fergie broke the Rangers / Celtic domination at Scotland. When he was Mgr, Aberdeen were the champs of Scotland and a European trophy too. Who are Aberdeen to beat Rangers and Celtic.

When he brought glory to Man U it was with own grown players and a reject from Leeds (Eric Cantona). He didn't spend big initially. Its the Manager, its the team that counts.

Of course Chelsea have so much talent and Arsenal play the most beautiful football.

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