Monday, July 24, 2006

Service Resumed


Did a total of one hour and 45 mins on the trainer at home (two sessions)


Bear in mind I had no exercise for the past 20 days before Saturday.
Cycles to Joo Ngan shop (noone there), then went through Ampang Hill to Pekan Batu 14. Only Joo Ngan and Andy Wong turned up.

Cycled past Pekan Batu 18 to Pangsoon, turned around and went to Kelawang Hill.
Did the climb in 32 mins 46 secs. My normal time is 31 mins plus. Recent PB is 30 mins. So I was surprised my time had not dropped so much due to no training.
Went to Dam to rest. Sooo many cyclists there, PCC etc.
Headed back through Pekan Batu 18. Joo Ngan pulled all the way. He is in good form even though "I have done no training". His birthday is coming. I am getting him a Tri Suit for Langkawi.

Went on Joo Ngan's van up Ampang Hill. I had cramps. The lack of cycling finally showed itself.

All in 4 hrs 55 min on meter, 108 km. OK

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