Monday, June 05, 2006

The King's Birthday Weekend

Well any Triathlete worth his salt is just waiting for Public Holidays to strut their stuff.

Saturday Morning

The Civic Hall at Pekan Batu 14 at 7.30 a.m. was full of triathletes and cyclists.
My cycling group consisted of only 4 persons i.e. Chew, Loke (Pacesetters), Japanese Sam and me.
Apart from us at the Civic Hall there was Ah Wah, Soong, Gan, Barry Boy, Don, Chin Po, Cecil, Simon Cross (came later) and others.

We the four left first to Tekali Hill (the othere three waited for me at the top) then to Kelawang Hill. Once we reached the flat to Kuala Kelawang, I was dropped. There were going to KK town then up to Jeram Toi. I just struggled to KK town.
It was HOT HOT HOT. The Jelebu region is reputed as the hottest and driest region in the Peninsula. Its great for training. Genting Sempah area is simply too beautiful a place. One doesn't get fit there. But KK area, yes man its ideal training for Langkawi.

I was on my own. I seriously thought about getting a cab at the huge bus station. I am happy I didn't.
Cycled my way back in the heat slowly. Did the Genting Peres hill in 60 mins versus 50 mins normally.
Saw a Orang Asli couple with a small child pushing their motor bike up the hill. I didn't know what to do, so often them money. They didn't want it, what nice humble people they are.

Glided down the KK hill took a Power Gel and returned thru Tekali Hill, rather than via the flat but longer Pekan Batu 18 way.

Reached back at Pekan Batu 14 around 2 pm. The other three were still not back. I drove home.


As it turns out, Chew was only a few minutes behind me (he went up Jeram Toi, extra). But unfortunately, he left Japanese Sam behind.
Japanese Sam was another 45 mins or more behind. Jap Sam had just returned from Japan to see his sick mother, so was not yet acclimatised. He sent an SMS, "so tired today". Aiyo, why Chew never wait for anyone.

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