Monday, June 05, 2006

AZHAR - Hotels at Langkawi

Hi Azhar and triathletes,

Suggested hotels

1. The official hotel is Sea View. Must book through Lyn Ironman (they booked the whole hotel).
It was RM127 / night. If u can afford it, go for it because all the Pros, friends are staying there. Registration, briefing, bike mechanic etc all there. So convenient especially if don't have a car.

2. Baron Hotel Langkawi or is it Langkawi Baron Hotel. RM90 / RM95. This hotel is new. Phone number is 04-9662000. It is just on the outskirt of Kuah Town beside the "black" river. Its about 1 to 2 km from Seaview. If u hv family / partner than need a car. If alone, no problem, just cycle.

3. Don't go to Lang Hotel (former Central Hotel). About RM100/ night. Its 100m from Seaview. Its the worst hotel I've been.


1. Pay the hotel when u leave. No need to pay now. There is oversupply of hotel rooms at Langkawi.

2. Rent car at airport, I got only RM60 per day for four days.

3. Don't use airport transfer provided by Ironman. So expensive. Just ask around at the airport or rent a car.

All the best



azhar said...

thanks man
just send my entry form to lyn.

is lyn a guy or gal???


well oldtimer hopefuly will see u in langkawinext year

Elaine said...

Didn't want to butt in, but couldn't resist. :D

Why don't you try to book hotels in Langkawi online? it would save you a lot of trouble and I usually get very good rates from this site for last minute hotels whenever I'm in a hurry to book.

Good luck! :)

Steve said...

My group will be staying at SeaView too. 3 paid up so far for the race. Hope to get the balcony room at the front, can watch the race from the room even.