Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tickets to Langkawi paid

Next year the Langkawi Ironman is on Feb 24, a saturday. Be careful, check WTC web-site, if there is one, whether the legal wrangle with Langkawi Ironman is over.

Anyway, I have booked and paid for my air tickets. Its RM9.99 per person one way. Plus the taxes and surcharges, it comes to RM160 for two people return. I'm not sure if the RM9.99 tickets are still available.

I'm feeling better today, should be able to train normally (which is not much anyway).


tank said...

Wow so early book ticket to langkawi. Wish I had the lungs to do that...haha!

Anonymous said...

Tank, come on, you got 294 days to train. In that time you can at least finish the race. Or I could become not the fatest one at 2007 race :)

A few of us in Light&Easy also booked the RM9.99 tickets last week. So we'll be doing light runs and easy bike rides and learning to swim over the next 294 days. S

azhar said...

wow so early ....
any good n cheap hotels in langkawi???