Friday, February 17, 2006

Wed to Friday, Very very little

On wed (after two days of complete rest) I felt very very fresh in my morning swim at my apartment. Only swam 45 mins.

On Thursday, I repeated the swim for 50 mins. Towards the end, one old chap switched on a light. Oh I have been swimming in the dark all this while.

Friday (today), I did completely nothing.


I can get so excited, we can slice the tension in the air with a knife. To meticulously analyse /prepare or to just let fate decide.
If we don't take the trouble to analyse the event, we may just give up during the race. But so many things are beyond my control. I have a sensitive tummy (IBS). The last Langkawi Ironman I did, I became an expert on the public toilets in Kuah town (there's plenty in the town). Another Langkawi Ironman, I gave up. It was so so hot. Not a cloud in the sky. Will I give up easily again?

I have not been running. Really. Well I did two runs. One was five laps around the football field (13 mins) and another 40 min mid-day run. My feet are twisted from the many years of cyling using cleats. So when I run, it doesn't take long before something starts to pain. Lets not talk about it, gets me depressed.

I wonder how long my energy levels will last. I have even bonked during the bike itself, never mind the run. I think, one Ironman, I took 8.5 hrs for the bike. Hey the Pros can complete the whole event in that time. Perharps the trick is to remain calm and take in small calories at frequent intervals. It is a long long day and night.

Okay lets analyse:

I will arrive there on Thursday. Rest, don't follow my wife shopping. Fix my bicycle in the evening. Maybe buy some groceries, whole meal bread, water, bananas. Perharps no riding its OK. Be a devil, go to the beach (where is it?).

Friday, OK definitely take the bike for a light spin. Very easy gears. Probably my friends still havn't arrived yet, so go alone in the morning.

Saturday will be hectic with all the talking with everyone. Man, this will kill me. I will do a little swim if there is no jelly fish.


I have a broken arm. It takes a few mins before the bones stop crackling. Can I warm up, it is pitch black.
Assuming I don't warm up, I will have to start the swim real slow. I think after 20 mins I will pick up and let it rip. If things go really well, one hr 20 mins for the swim.

Take my time in the transition. Run gingerly to the tent. Take off trunks, put on my Discovery Channel pants and shirt. Put tonnes of baby oil at my crotch. No need sunblock, I think. I am wearing a cycling jersey. No vaseline too I think. Put trunks and goggles in transition bag. Take sunglasses from transition bag. Run gingerly to bicycle.

Put on helmet and gloves. Put on socks and cycling shoes. Put small pump in middle cycling pocket. Put three food bars in right cycling pocket. The wrapping has to be cut open in advance. Put three gels in left cycling pocket. Wear my pouch. In the pouch will be my normal glasses (just take it lah), another two food bars, cash (not much , I'm not rich), two gels, baby oil and my handphone for emergencies (swtiched off). I can use the phone to call the official mechanic for anyone stranded.

My bicycle pouch will have the normal two tubes, three gas cannister, tools etc. Then three bottles of Gatorade and one bottle of water. All would be warm by now. I will assume I won't get any assistance from my wife (I don't know how long I will take, lets not spoil her holiday). I will call my wife just before the finish (if I win, just kidding).

Do the ride. Start eating a little when a total of 2 hrs 30 mins have passed. Then every one hour. This will be the key. Don't let the kids upset me when they scold me for not adding to their bagful of water bottles.

Hopefully I don't give up. Remember the movie " Touchong the Void". This guy with a broken leg, crawled back to his tent from the top of the mountain. The key for the bike is the calory intake.

Lets say I do finish the bike. Take off helmet, cycling shoes, small pump, sunglasses, gloves. I think I can't run in the cycling jersey. So put on my Surfers Paradise running singlet. Put on normal glasses, wear same cycling pants. Take running belt from run transition bag. Put handphone, six gels, baby oil (maybe). Wipe baby oil everywhere. Find a banana somewhere.


These are the thousand and one negative thoughts. Stop, take a breath, start slowly again. When I get my second wind, go for it.

Lets go man...........


Anonymous said...

Good luck, man!

Anonymous said...

good luck IM SOFIAN.
see u at race.fiona

tank said...

You have it in your mind! Luck will be on your side. Just do it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea to bring baby oil too. I guess the skin can hurt all over after 17 hours (my target). During the race the biggest question "why the hell did I join this" is what must be conquered. Steve

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks for reading and your comments.
You're right, the negative thoughts during the race will be the biggest challenge.
Have a good race. Sofian