Monday, February 20, 2006

Three Comments

Wow my last post got three comments. Wow must be a record for me. Thank you ever present Mr Tank, Dr Fiona and anonymous.


Actually I did a light 54 mins on the trainer at home in the evening.


Swim. 1.5 km at 29m 30 sec.
Then 24 X 100m om 2 min 10 sec then 2min 5 sec.


Went to his shop at 7 am. We cycled to Pekan Batu 18 and then went to Dr Tan's house for breakfast. Just 2 hrs of cycling in the cool morning. 59 km with speedwork here and there. It was a nice morning.

Joo Ngan serviced my bicycle from 10 am to 4 pm. Gosh if the bicycle breakdown, I don't know lah. I like him, its just nice to chat about sports, cycling, Nicol David etc. And he bought me lunch at The Chicken Rice Shopppp.

Pimple on my butt has been cut by the Dr at the clinic next to Joo Ngan shop.

Bicycle has been packed. So no more cycling (let the pimple heal) until Thursday at Langkawi.

Monday morning, one hr swimming at Apartment Pool.

Thank you for the three comments again.


Yaziz said...

Dear Suffian,

All the best in Langkawi this weekend. How....I wished could be there to cheer on you.

sofiantriathlete said...

Wow Yaziz I didn't know u use the computer also. Thank you

aniz said...

msi, gud luck in ur ironman 2006 mission.. i know u can do it excellently.. bravo msi!!!

sofiantriathlete said...


Thank you