Monday, February 06, 2006


Well, we are very fortunate to have so many public holidays. It meant my office was closed from Sunday , 29 Jan and only opened on Monday, 6 Feb 2006. 8 days of training was available.


Lots of training. But I couldn't do long rides on consecutive days. Dr Tan could, wow he is amazing.
I estimate from Sunday 29 Jan to Saturday 4 Feb, I did 28 hours of training (in one week). Never have I done that before. Most of my rides were with Dr Tan. Thank you Sir.



This was CNY day. So had to train alone. I did six hills. Started from home (Pandan Perdana),
Hill No 1 was Tekali Hill from Pekan Batu 14,
Hill No 2 was the hill at Lenggeng,
Hill No 3 was the hill before Kuala Kelawang. The road was bad, but made it. Many motor bikes cheered me. Thank you.
Hill No 4 was Genting Peres
Hill No 5 was Tekali Hill (from the Dam side)
Hill No 6 was Ampang Hill (Pekan Batu 14).

I didn't do the Ampang Hill reverse side. So it was about 170km?? average 19.8 km/hr. 8hrs 22 mins on the meter. I didn't stop at coffee shops (normal practise). It was energy food bars and water from Petronas.
No POWER BAR for me, it has milk and gives me stomach ache.

I am not the type that can do long rides on consecutive days. Bukit Jalil was closed, so it was swimming at Shah Alam. at 3 pm. Good decision because I made a new friend. ADIP an Army Cadet, he was also training for the Ironman.
I think in total I did 4.5 km swimming.

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