Monday, January 23, 2006

Training update

Past two Sundays, it was two 8 hour workout with Dr Tan.

15 JAN O6

It was 165km. 7 HRS 38 mins on the meter.
Then 5 laps of running around the football field (near the mosque, Pekan Batu 14).

Average speed was 20 km / hr. Slow
Start Pekan Batu 14, to Genting Peres, Pertang but turned back (roadworks), Kuala Kelawang, Jeram Toi Hill and back to Pekan Batu 14. No sun.

22 JAN 06

175km, 8 hrs 13 min. Average speed 20km/hr.
Start Pekan Batu 14, Genting Peres, Titi, Back to Genting Peres (47 min climb), Pekan Batu 14 (sugar cane stop), Tekali hill loop (2 times). Phew.

We don't do the normal lengthy stops. Just grab water or buns.

a 4.5KM swim at Bukit Jalil on 21 Jan 06.

To carry on with my training over the long New Year Hols. Dr Tan is not around.

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tank said...

Good luck for Ironman sir! I dont think i can see you there coz cannot volunteer this year as previous, work commitment lar.