Monday, September 12, 2005

Soccer round up

Well, my team only drew. The performance to me was OK. I know it was not the swasbuckilng style of old, but the players have lots of games to play now. The internationals and and CL's games are close.

I agree with Fergie when he said it was a ridiculous scoreline. I saw the game twice and Man City did nothing. Not even a midfield move. They are at best a mid-table team, I have spoken. Man U did not know how to break down the City defence. Perharps they need to practice the through balls more during training.

VDS did a wonderful almost point blank save. Its unfortunate that City could deflect the ball in. Ruud is so sharp. Smith was OK, not outstanding but not as bad as Kleb, Djemba etc. O Sheas was sort of lost. He seems to always slow down the game. We are still a good team but probably not against the aristrocrats of Italy and Spain. Ronaldo was missed. We wish him well.

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